Minors 2023

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THIM works with a major-minor structure. Of the 240 ECTS credits that you need to graduate, 210 are obtained through the major part, the fixed programme of your study programme. For the remaining 30 points you follow minors. Once you have completed both parts, your study is complete.

At THIM there are several possibilities to obtain your minors. You can combine components and thus decide yourself how to organise your minor component of 30 EC.

We offer you the possibility to compose your own programme and offer you the following possibilities to do so:

In-house minors

  • Geriatrics More info
  • MSK: Musculoskeletal PT, a combination of Sport- and Manual PT
  • PSF More info

External minors

There are three external minors you can follow. The main difference with the internal minors is that throughout the minor you will be in direct contact with patients and clients. The external minors are:

Boogh is a day centre for people with NAH. In addition to the day care and re-activation that BOOGH offers, we come there one morning a week to help people with a specific need to improve their movement. The locations where we do this are Leidsche Rijn and Nieuwegein. In total there are 3-9 places available for this minor. This minor lasts 20 weeks and is 3 hours on Tuesday or Wednesday morning. You will receive 7,5 EC for the minor BOOGH. This minor is only suitable for students who speak Dutch. More info about BOOGH

Minor Mobie Duck
Mobie Duck is a swimming club for people with a physical disability in the broadest sense of the word. Under the guidance of a trainer (who is often an old Thimmer) you will teach swimming groups all kinds of exercises in the water. This minor is in the swimming pool of rehabilitation centre De Hoogstraat in Utrecht. There are 3-6 places available for this minor. The minor takes 20 weeks and is 3 hours on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday evening (usually from around 18:00). For the minor Mobie Duck you receive 7,5 EC. This minor is only suitable for students who speak Dutch. More info about Mobie Duck

Minor internship
You have completed the first two years and have practised a lot in role plays. Now it is time for practical experience.

You will roll up your sleeves for ten weeks; after all, you are a beginner and you can shape your own learning process. Where better to do this than in a physiotherapy practice.

There will be a lot of focus on three professional tasks:

  • Screening
  • Dossier management
  • Treating patients.

The most common patient categories are back, neck and shoulder complaints. Feel free to add another category to focus on during this practical training period.

Make yourself interesting for the practice by working with them, but above all make it interesting for yourself by learning on the job. You gain practical experience even before the senior traineeship begins.

The internship lasts 10 weeks and is done on the regular course days. The internship involves a total study load of 15 ECT, which consists of working in practice, preparing for the internship days and processing the experiences through independent study and training.

In this module, we work with the so-called “entrustable professional activities” (EPAs), which comprise the core tasks of the profession that are increasingly being entrusted to you. In this module, by using EPAs, you make a start on gaining the assessment of “professional competence” in three of these professional tasks, namely screening, dossier management and treatment.

The content of the minor internship includes a number of focus subjects that are linked to the EPAs.

The focus topics are:

  • Personal development with regard to EPAs screening and treatment in the first-line practice.
  • Dossier management according to KNGF guidelines (including letter to GP).
  • Implementation of the screening.
  • Clinical decision-making with argumentation (clinical reasoning) with regard to screening.
  • Practical implementation of treatments.
  • Methodical approach to treatment plan and its implemen

More info about minor Internship


In addition to all of the above, you can also do online courses in the Phyioplus programme. These English-language courses have been developed by parties all over the world and are accredited in various countries. Many of the courses are done by Dutch physiotherapists as continuing education for the points you need to obtain for your registration in various quality registers. 

On your portal page in Cumlaude, you will find a link to PhysioPlus, with which you can navigate to “my dashboard”.

If you want to start with this, mail to helpdesk@thim.nl so that a place can be set up for you to hand in your certificates.


MinorDuration in weeksContact hours  p/ weekECLanguageWhere
BOOGH2037,5NLLeidsche Rijn /Nieuwegein
Mobie Duck (only available in Dutch)2037,5NLHoogstraat Utrecht
Internship1018-2415NL/ENOwn choice
PhysioPlusOwn choiceOwn choice1-30ENOwn choice

Registering for the minors

Click on a minor on a certain day to register.

BLOCK 15-9-2022 t/m 18-11-2022   
09:00-12:00BOOGH NGBOOGH LR  
09:00-15:00   PSF NL
09:30-15:30MSK INTMSK NLGeriatrie INT 
16:30-19:00Mobie Duck (only available in Dutch)   
17:30-20:30  Mobie Duck (only available in Dutch) 
19:00-21:00   Mobie Duck (only available in Dutch)
BLOCK 221-11-2022 t/m 10-2-2023   
09:00-12:00BOOGH NGBOOGH LR  
09:00-15:00   MSK NL
09:30-15:30 Geriatrie NLPSF INT 
16:30-19:00Mobie Duck (only available in Dutch)   
17:30-20:30  Mobie Duck (only available in Dutch) 
19:00-21:00   Mobie Duck (only available in Dutch)
BOOGH NG = Boogh locatie Nieuwegein
BOOGH LR = Boogh locatie Leidsche Rijn